Facts about the plant cell

The plant cell is slightly different to an animal cell in that the plant cell has different functional parts to them. A plant grows through the process of photosynthesis which needs light to maintain the process of growth. The plant cells are unique in this respect because they allow the growth of the plant through this manner. The plant cell also houses different kind’s structural properties to an animal cell yet still contains some similarities.

The cell membrane, nucleus and mitochondria are all similar parts of the plant cell that the animal cell has in common. The plant cell has both a smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum which has a specific function for plants only. The mitochondria although present in both animal and plant cells play different roles but are still linked to the growth of the organism.

Animal cells need to remove excess water otherwise they are known to swell and rupture however the cell wall in the plant cell stops this from happening because plants can cope with the storage of water.